Our services are designed keeping these three themes in our mind.


Brand and Product Management

Build Brand that Connects

Market Research Get a holistic view of the behavior of market segment immediately in matter of hours.

Brand Identity Creation Create and Validate your Brand Identity and architecture in our market base.

  • Create your brand identity Logo Design, Stationary, Social Media Cover
  • Validate Brand Architecture Conduct a controlled survey to our market within days.

Pricing Promotion Strategy

Price your product for customer acquisition, retention and higher ROI

  • Find willingness to pay Controlled campaign with a report of customer persona
  • Customize your pricing Customize pricing at individual level based on customer life value

Channel Management & Retailing

Find out the effectiveness of your channels from real-time data

  • Identify effective channels Conduct survey to identify effective channels
  • CityWiz Portal Be a portal publisher to increase real-time engagement & conversion

Connect with Us

Integrated Market Communication

Reach, Communicate, engage and listen to the right customer.

Promotion Campaign

Promote campaign as Portal publisher

Graphic Designs

Create physical presencein CityWiz circle

Website Design& Development

Digitize your brand presence and link then to CityWiz portal.

Content Marketing

Generate traffic with content marketing within CityWiz circle.

Email & Social Media Marketing

Create and bring marketing campaigns to the right audience through CityWiz portals.

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